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Tips & Tricks for your move by the relocation experts from Berlin

Moving tips and valuable tricks for a smooth move in Berlin and the surrounding area. Here we have put together a list to help you before, during and after the move. Do you still have a question or want to hire us directly? This is the best way to reach us: Per WhatsApp or by phone with the number 0157 / 394 456 99 or via the contact form.

Moving tips - what should you consider when moving?

Have you thought about it? Just take a look at the points. Maybe one or two tips will help you.

Measurement of the new living space

Measure your new apartment or house including the door and window frames, the staircase and, if necessary, the elevator. This allows you to optimally plan how your furniture is to be positioned.

Assign craftsmen in advance

Whether it's the fitted kitchen, the electrical appliances such as the television and washing machine or the new refrigerator: if tradesmen are needed for installation, the appointment should always be made in good time.

Properly pack moving boxes (do not pack too full!)

We recommend to use only " proper moving boxes" for packing, which you can get from us of course. The labeling on them should be clear so that it is easier for you to unpack them later. Fragile items should be packed in such a way that there are no cavities in the box. The boxes should be labeled "fragile".

Properly report to the government office

Not only commercial entities such as your telephone provider or similar need the new address. Of course, you also have to register at the Residents' Registration Office. Find out beforehand whether deadlines have to be met. Your car or other vehicles must also be re-registered.


Your broadcasting licence fee collection office should also know your new address. A so-called change notification is available online.

Tax office | Employment office

What matters here is whether you change the area of responsibility. Just ask beforehand whether a change of registration is necessary.

Household insurance

As far as household insurance is concerned, it can of course make sense to adapt / change the insurance. Talk to your insurance agent in advance.

Cut off or redirect the electricity

Don't forget to cancel or reschedule the electricity and water contract if you move from one place to another, it may be that the Stadtwerke Berlin, for example, do not deliver in Stuttgart.

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