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No stopping zones for moving furnish in Berlin - Service

  • Apply for a no-parking zone in good time and close it off
    We can also take care of this for you if you wish. The application for the no stopping signs should be made about 7 to 14 days before the move. They must be posted about 72 hours (about 4 days) before the move. Both the old and the new apartment should be taken into consideration. You can also close off the no stopping zone yourself. In this case, however, you would also have to collect and set up the no stopping signs yourself. We would be happy to do this for you. By the way, the costs for this vary from place to place.
  • Final cleaning | Renovation of the apartment
    Depending on the rental agreement, final cleaning or renovation of the old or sometimes the new apartment may be necessary. When buying a property this should be clarified with the contractual partner in advance.
  • This is what the term "broom clean" means
    The entire living area must be (completely) cleared. The floor must be swept and the carpet vacuumed. Rough dirt, stickers and cobwebs must be removed. This also applies to the basement, the roof, the garage or other adjoining rooms. A fitted kitchen belonging to the apartment should also be left clean. Heavily calcified areas in the bathroom should be decalcified accordingly.

We take over many different services for you - an overview. As an experienced moving company in Berlin we offer a complete service. This includes, for example, other services and offers, some of which we have listed here. If you have any questions, you can reach us at 0157 / 394 456 99 (also via WhatsApp).

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