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Professional clearing out and furniture disposal in Berlin

Environmentally friendly and safe! Learn more about Disposal & Clearing out here.

If you hire us to move, you don't have to worry about disposing of unwanted items or furniture. We will dispose of any rubbish or unusable furniture created during the move in a professional and environmentally friendly manner.

Cheap complete clearing out and furniture disposal in Berlin

You can commission us for comprehensive clearing out during a move carried out by us (private moves, company relocations, social and employment office moves) or as part of a single service. Let us know what belongs to the disposal or - in case of a move - simply mark it. We will take care of the rest and bring all other things reliably to your new home!

We are also happy to answer your questions personally in the field of clearing out and furniture disposal in Berlin and the surrounding area: We look forward to hearing from you via WhatsApp or by calling 0157 / 394 456 99. We take care of the correct disposal of removal leftovers or broken things, because Umzüge Berlin 24 is familiar with the appropriate places and the topic of waste separation.

Be on the safe side with all kinds of removals. We take care of the professional disposal and you can look forward to new space and a relaxed move.

Let us make you an offer without obligation!

We visit your premises free of charge and provide you with a non-binding offer for the disposal & clearing out. This will give you the opportunity to convince yourself of our low prices.

Individual offer: 030 / 995 475 54 Choose offer
Offer Free of charge and without obligation!
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