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Employment office, job centre or social welfare office Social and employment office moves

Whether you are moving an employment office, a Jobcenter or a social welfare office, we will be happy to take care of your move and settle matters directly with the relevant authority or prepare an offer for submission in advance. The Jobcenter often requires you to manage your move on your own. If this applies to you - contact us, we will help! In most cases, a move cannot be organised on your own. You need several furniture carriers and a truck for your move.

If a move cannot be carried out independently, the costs for a removal company must be covered. In this case, we will settle all moving costs with the Job-Center or with the employment agency, so that you will not suffer any financial disadvantages.

Attention: No move possible without the consent of the Jobcenter! Otherwise the costs for your move might not be covered!

For the change of residence, you must submit three estimates to the Employment Agency, of which the JobCentre must accept one. You will have to discuss this with your responsible adviser at the job centre whether the costs of the move will be covered.

From us you will receive a moving offer with a guaranteed fixed price

This means for you - there are no additional costs! For the moves that have been arranged on the occasion of your work, the costs are covered by the Agentur für Arbeit.

The moving allowance for your move within Germany is paid up to 4.500,00 EUR gross. For moves abroad to the EU, e.g. to Switzerland, England, Austria, Spain, France, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Norway etc., up to 5,200.00 EUR gross will be paid. 

However, the move must be directly related to the workplace.

This decision is based on § 16 Abs.1 Sozialgesetzbuch - Zweites Buch - Grundsicherung für Arbeitsuchende (SGB II) in connection with §§ 53 and 54 Social Security Code - Third Book - Employment Promotion (SGB III).

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