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Whether you need a moving helper or would like to order a complete move. Even painting work, small repairs or cleaning up are possible.

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Moving company in Berlin – free and non-binding offer

Your affordable moving company in Berlin Moving couldn't be easier or more comfortable! Naturally with Umzüge Berlin 24!

Your move is imminent and you are looking for a moving company that is not only good but also cheap? Then Umzüge Berlin 24 is the right company for you! Our reasonably priced moving company has gained a lot of experience in the past years.

Whether private movings or company moves, whether simple curbside transport or a complete service package including removal helper, disposal and clearing out and assembling and dismantling of furniture, whether within the city limits of Berlin or across city boundaries: We help families and small & medium-sized businesses with moves in Berlin and the surrounding area - every day anew with a lot of commitment, best service and good humour.

Our professional employees always give 100 percent and do everything to ensure that your move is carried out exactly according to your wishes and that your belongings arrive quickly and safely in your new home or at your new company location.

No task is too difficult for our strong men! Special tasks are carried out by special forces so that you can be sure to experience a relaxed and successful move. Your wishes and needs are always our top priority. Test us and convince yourself!

Some moves we have already handled:

  • Central Berlin - Berlin Charlottenburg
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Friedrichshain
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Hellersdorf
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Hohenschönhausen
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Kreuzberg
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Köpenick
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Lichtenberg
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Marzahn
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Neukölln
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Pankow
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Reinickendorf
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Schöneberg
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Spandau
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Steglitz
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Tempelhof
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Tiergarten
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Treptow
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Wedding
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Weißensee
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Wilmersdorf
  • Central Berlin - Berlin Zehlendorf

Of course you can move further than Berlin with us, we just wanted to give you a first impression of moving tours we have done in the past.

Fast and uncomplicated moves – Our services at a glance

Whether you only need moving helpers or want to order a complete move: With our moving company you are always right. You do not only want to transport furniture from A to B, but you need further support? No problem!

In addition to the uncomplicated handling of the actual move, we can also take over all other work that may be necessary: Furniture assembly and disassembly, quick and professional painting work, small repairs or complete clearing out - everything is possible. Click here for details of the individual services provided by our reasonably priced Berlin moving company:

  • Private movings

    Inexpensive moves for private individuals - fast, efficient and safe. Whether for singles, pensioners, students or large families - moving is child's play with Umzüge Berlin 24!

  • Company relocations

    We take over removals of companies of any kind. Whether small start-up company, large offices, retail shop, medical practice or handicraft business: Our experienced team knows exactly what to consider when moving a company and treats your company assets with the utmost care.

  • Social and employment office moves

    Also, if you deal with the employment office, social welfare office or job centre and are looking for a reasonably priced moving company, you have come to the right place. In many cases, the relocation costs can be covered - we would be happy to inform you about the settlement possibilities with the institutions.

  • Moving helper

    No time and no desire to carry moving boxes and heavy furniture yourself? Then we can provide you with our strong moving helpers. The colleagues bring all the necessary moving aids with them and know how to tackle things properly.

  • Furniture assembly and dismantling

    The assembly and disassembly of furniture is often underestimated in removals - save valuable time with our removal company and let our professionals do the disassembly and assembly! We treat your belongings as if they were our own!

  • Painting and wallpapering work

    Whether moving out of the old apartment or moving into the new object: When moving, extensive painting and wallpapering work is almost always necessary. So that you don't have to do this, our removal company offers you a wide range of handicraft services from one source, from wallpapering to plastering and painting.

  • Disposal

    When you move, it often becomes apparent what has accumulated over the past few years. Often the move also offers the perfect opportunity to get rid of ballast and unnecessary things. The team of Umzüge Berlin 24 will gladly take over the clearing out of your property and will take care of the professional and proper disposal of rubbish, unusable furniture, etc.

  • Service within the scope of your removals

    Final cleaning, swept clean handover, timely application for a no stopping zone, and, and, and ... there are many things to consider when moving. On request, we can offer you a comprehensive full service, so that you don't have to worry about anything anymore!

  • Moving tips & tricks

    We are the professionals for moves in Berlin - benefit from the experience of our moving company and take a look at our helpful tips & tricks for an uncomplicated and stress-free move!

  • Current offers

    Your private or commercial move is pending? Then it is worth taking a look at our current offers! Every now and then Umzüge Berlin offers you 24 attractive promotions, with which you can save money.

Your trustworthy moving company: Umzüge Berlin 24!

Would you like to learn more about our extensive services or do you have specific questions about your upcoming move? Then get in touch with the competent contact persons of our convenient moving company. Simply ask us your questions by phone or WhatsApp on 0157 / 394 456 99 or use our contact form. We will be happy to advise you personally and make you a non-binding and attractive offer!

Last but not least, we have put together a checklist with a few points so that you have everything in view right from the start. Because there are so many things you should consider when moving and in the best case you can take care of them early on.

We are your moving company in Berlin, as well as its districts:

  • Central Berlin
  • Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
  • Berlin Pankow
  • Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
  • Berlin Spandau
  • Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf
  • Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg
  • Berlin Neukölln
  • Berlin Tremptow-Köpenick
  • Berlin Mahrzahn-Hellersdorf
  • Berlin Lichtenberg
  • Berlin Reinickendorf

Your moving checklist – well planned is half won!

  • Cancel the rental contract and, if desired by the landlord, look for a suitable new tenant. Do not forget: Plan time for viewing appointments!
  • Thoroughly check and sign the rental contract for the new apartment
  • Check offers from moving companies and book the moving service for the desired date in time
  • Get enough moving boxes and pack your belongings safely and space-savingly for transport - then label the box to keep track of things!
  • Take the opportunity to sort out your belongings properly: Often difficult, but makes sense!
  • Sell furniture, appliances and other items: You may not need much more, but you can still make some real money. Put it on Ebay and Co. early or sell it at the flea market!
  • Plan, buy / order furniture and, if necessary, observe delivery times
  • Cancelling or re-registering your telephone and internet - nothing is more annoying than being offline and unavailable in your new apartment!
  • Cancel subscriptions to newspapers, grocery boxes, etc. or have them transferred to the new address
  • Inform employers and competent authorities
  • Arrange handover dates in the old and new apartment
  • Painting, wallpapering etc. - find out in which condition you have to hand over your old apartment!
  • Apply for a no-parking zone for the move
  • After the move: change your residence, file a forwarding request and arrive at your new home in peace and quiet!